Sunset Limited

Press Meeting

Theatrical show adapted from Cormac Mc Carthy’s novel

The novel by the famous American writer and playwright has inspired this staging directed by and starring Fabio Sonzogni along with Fausto Hieme Caroli, national premiere Wednesday, August 21 at 19.45 at the Teatro Frecciarossa of the Meeting.
A table, two men. Black and White challenge each other. Objective: Remove the opponent any chance of escape, checkmate. This morning, White was about to throw herself under the Sunset Limited, which connects Louisiana and California. Black has ripped the rails and brought in his miserable apartment. White wanted to kill himself and is still convinced to do so.
The match starts. Black – former convict, colored, Christian faith – attacks naively White – a university professor, atheist – who responds with tactical moves that slowly wear down the opponent. Until the final counterattack. Ruthless, lucid.
Poles apart, on diametrically opposite points of the microcosm, the two stances oppose each other. The philosophical and existential topics find in the Bible, with an outworn cover placed on the round table, the center of gravity of the forces in the field. The arguments and methods of Black are the result of his life after hearing the voice of God (it happened at a time when with his body torn, defenseless, he was lying on the bed in the infirmary, after a violent quarrel between prisoners). In contrast with the professor – that he has measured his contact with the world through the Word – he deduces, analyzes, speaks on immanent scenarios.
It seems possible to recognize in White the awareness of the failure of the Western tradition – the death of god, the passive nihilism – and in Black a proposal of redemption, rebirth, waiting.
Black invites White to eat with him, that is the only moment of closeness. The dialogue is loose. It’s a Eucharistic sacrifice lunch where White seems about to regain the love for the world. Instead, it is the anticipation of the jab that White inflicts on his savior, with a tragic closing argument. The only possible solution is death.
The obstacle, what is opposed to his will, leaving, is represented by the door closed with bolt and chain. Limit and threshold to overcome to jump in the world, or plunge into nothingness.
“Staging this text – a novel in dramatic form, as defined by the same McCarthy, said Fabio Sonzogni – is letting two opposing cosmos act. Two antithetical backgrounds that will not land to any summary nor conciliation. Their dialogue separates them away, it never let them agree. It is a perpetual fight in motion. It is tragic conflict. The two dimensions of the Word face up to the apex of their self-consciousness clarity: it is from that very ridge that they manifest inability to understand and accept each other. The attack with the more terrible weapon, the speech, reveals their inability to listen. ”