S. Augustin’s Confessions

Press Meeting

Meeting inaugural show with Sandro Lombardi

“Who am I? Who are You? To what end my confessions in front of you? I confess before You listen to me even by men “in this debut line lies the key of the whole show, made theatrical with a long monologue at the lectern, commented and interspersed with contemporary popular music.
The man Augustine wrote his confessions (which inaugurate a literary genre ever traveled before) not as a creative act privately, but in response to the community of the faithful who asks him to testify.
This is how starts a first-person narrative leading the audience to follow the path of discovery, of existential dialogue, of identity, of conscience made by Augustine, a careful man which is desirous of sense, passionate and curious. Especially in the rendering stage, the method it’s addictive: it is a new conception of the self, a self that is conceived as a response to a “you” that discreetly calls and calling it everything relies on the human desire, on the demand of a purpose on the meaning of his being in the world.
A daunting and very high commitment entrusted to one of the most important Italian theater actors, Sandro Lombardi, who engages with extreme availability and reliability with the words of Augustine in the light of a bright and decades-long interpretation of the classics and of a long experience of the new avant-garde.
Daring but effective the team work of the curator Costantino Esposito, the director and Otello Cenci and playwriter Fabrizio Sinisi in the new translation of the original text.
With great skill and interpretive ability Lombardi, relying on little more than the voice and face expressions took by hand each viewer to bring him to the protagonist’ sound concern and got him involved in the dialogue, now a serene one, now tormented, now suffered, now pacified, now bold, now branch between the lively Augustine and God.
The revival of the Confessions was reactivated by Cenci Sinisi through the use of contemporary music (Sinatra, Nine Inch Nails, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan) by the guitar music of Massimo Marches and cello Jonathan Costa, the voices of Brunella Boschetti, Alberto Morigi, Folco Orselli with the participation of SwinGeneris.
A lively and interesting entertainment that opens the stage of the Meeting with a very human case of man’s state of emergency resolved by the grace of God and then still able to engage the audience and create interest.