Routes of loss. What if science was a major metaphysics undertaking?

Press Meeting

Inaugurating the exhibition “Texts and Contexts” eni’s Literary Cafe XXXIV Meeting for friendship among peoples there was the presentation of the book by Olivier Rey: “Journeys of the loss. What if science was a major undertaking metaphysics? “(Ed. by Ares. 336), which was attended Flora Crescini, a teacher of Literature and History ITIS” Righi “Corsico (Mi) and the same author. Oliver Rey, already known to the public of the Meeting, was born in 1964. Graduated from the Technical University of Paris, he gained a PhD in Mathematics and entered the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) in 1989. Currently part of the Department of Philosophy of the CNRS and teaches at the University Panthéon-Sorbonne.
In his brief speech Flora Crescini, which is also the translator of the book, has highlighted the question that is the basis of the work of Rey: “Why for the man of today is most important that the earth revolves around the sun and not the meaning of his existence? “the fundamental question,” remembering Giussani, “leaves out that” the man falls down when his vocation to the mystery falls down. ”
The volume of Rey intends to position itself as a critique of modern science epistemological approach betraying the method and purpose originating in classical science, thus slides into a dangerous scientism. The main exponent of this trend is the dominant biologist Richard Dawkins. He believes that all the answers to the mystery of reality provided before 1859, the date of the publication of “The Origin of Species,” Darwin would completely ignore. According to this concept, “nothing to science recognizes universal jurisdiction – said Rey – is irrational.” Instead, it is Dawkins to be in error, while believing to be at the top of rationality. Modern science is limited in fact to grasp only the mathematical relationships between different phenomena, “it teaches the “how” – said Rey – placing his objects of study outside of good and evil.”
If classical science – explores the reasoning the speaker – sought the truth, the modern one only cares for the accuracy of their acquisitions. This science, however, does not give answers about the ultimate meaning of life and completely eliminates the man’s familiarity with the world. It remains foreign to any consideration or moral value. “The scent to science are only molecules that attach themselves to nasal walls – says the French mathematician – the sounds are elastic waves.” The science is not as “a way to give thanks to God.” That’s why – concludes with quote Pascal Rey – “when science comes out of his order, it is not the triumph, but its sinking.”