One Year Of Meetings

Press Meeting

In The New Generations A Hope For Italy

Rimini, Thursday August 23rd – The conference entitled “One Year Of Meetings. In The New Generations A Hope For Italy” took place at Neri UnipolSai Hall and was introduced by Giorgio Paolucci, journalist. The speakers are some protagonists of the exhibition called “New Generations” that took place last year at Meeting: Giovanna Bacciocchi, Teacher at the “Marignoni-Polo” Professional Institute for Trade and Tourism, Milan; Raymond Bahati, Director of the multi-ethnic Elikya choir, originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Luna El Maataoui, Student of Legal Science, Milan, originally from Morocco; Dialla Zaia Diarra, Student at Istituto “Antonello”, Messina, originally from Mali; Abdoulaye Mbodj, Lawyer, originally from Senegal; Marilena Pelonero, Teacher at the “Istituto Pietro Leone”, Caltanissetta; and Novella Zavatta, Student at the Dante Alighieri Liceo Classico, Rimini. They all came back at Meeting to tell what happened in their life after their participation of the last year.

«We want to tell you about the birth of new friendships, educational initiatives, and debates that were born in the last year» – said Paolucci. The protagonists of this adventure intervene briefly but very incisively. Dialla Zaia Diarra is the first to speak. He is a young student who arrived in Italy in the status of unaccompanied minor crossing Sahara desert and Mediterranean sea and facing other dangers. It was accepted and subsequently adopted by an Italian family. Lastly, he converted to Christianity. Then spoke Giovanna Baciocchi, Raymond Bahati, who taught to the public to sing and dance an African song, Luna El Maataoui, Abdoulaye Mbodj, the first African lawyer at Foro di Milano, Marilena Peloneto, and Novella Zavatta. However, in different ways and for unexpected routes, they told a story that gives hope and desire to build a better future where the differences are a resource and where before the distance there is a commonality.