Great movies at the Meeting in Rimini

Press Meeting

Review of some of the most significant recent films by Sentieri del Cinema

After the success of 2012 edition ( 4 thousand tickets validated in 5 days), the Cinema Room comes back at the Meeting in collaboration with Sentieri del Cinema. Four evening shows, from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 of august, always at 9 p. m., all introduced by Beppe Musicco, Sentieri del Cinema’s president, and Antonio Autieri, director of
Celluloids were selected by the editorial staff of Sentieri del Cinema among the most beautiful and loved that have been issued in 2013. The Cinema Room is in D3 area and tickets costs 5 euros.
The review starts on Monday 19 with “The son of the other”, a 2012 French film by Lorraine Lévy, written and directed with a compassionate and sensible spirit. The French director starts from a news story in order to tell about an exemplar case and to deal with a deep consideration on identity, love and belonging.
The second film scheduled for Tuesday 20 is “Kiki – Delivery service”, 2013, the last effort of the Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki, drawn from the homonymous 1985 novel by Eiko Kadono. The film is a simple but efficient metaphor for the transition to the adulthood, when everything that may be taken for granted needs to be reconquered and made significant for one’s own existence.
In the evening of Wednesday 21 the last film by Terence Mallick “To the wonder” (2012) will be shown. After the pivotal masterpiece “The Tree of Life”, the great director goes on in a strictly personal path and takes to the scenes two parallel stories doomed to meet each other.
The comedy “What rains from the sky” by Sebastian Borensztein (2011) is the last film selected for Thursday 22. Curious and far away from slush, it tells about the meeting, apparently impossible, between two persons of different languages and cultures, revealing in depth stances and climates. There’s something great unifying mysteriously everyone.
“We looked for a not forced connection to this year Meeting title – THE HUMAN PERSON: A STATE OF EMERGENCY for every film on the works” review organizer Antonio Autieri explains. “We had some difficulties in choosing the titles because many recent films would have dared an overall view. The choice has been taken on some beautiful and provocative ones which fit together to the theme and has been less viewed than others notwistanding their significance.