A wide set of shows at the Meeting

Press Meeting

“Me, a pebble among the stars. Musical suite by Nino Rota from the movie The Road by Federico Fellini”, a great homage to Federico Fellini, will inaugurate the XXXV Meeting edition at 9.45 p.m. Followed by a selection of images from the film, the undisputed protagonist will be the Philharmonic Orchestra’s music of the International Piano Festival of Brescia and Bergamo, conducted by Pier Carlo Orizio, in cooperation with Emilia Romagna Festival. Suite by Nino Rota from the movie “The Road” will be performed, in the occasion of the 60 years of Fellini’s masterpiece. The event will take place in the Auditorium Intesa San Paolo. Francesca Fabbri Fellini, journalist, will introduce the event, revealing some stories about her uncle and the film. An up-to-date and powerful masterpiece for this Meeting edition, with themes like loneliness, need of the other and the certainty of any person’s unlimited value.

In the Auditorium Intesa San Paolo D5, at 9.45 p.m., on Tuesday 26th August will go on stage the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by the extraordinary Eduard Topchjan, with a repertory of Armenian traditional works and some international songs. Between masters of undisputed prestige, the violinist Anush Nikoghosyan, who collaborate with some of the most important contemporary composers. In cooperation with the Embassy of the Armenian Republic in Italy and with Emilia Romagna Festival. On Friday 29th August the huge final party will take place with Frankie Gavin’s band in pursuit of folk and Celtic music from De Dannan, an Irish band founded in the 70’s. The band is composed of Michelle Lally, voice; Barry Brady from Co. Roscommon at accordion; Paul O’Drisceoil from Kinvara at double bass; Colm O’Caoimh from Killenny at guitar.

This year a big news: in the Padiglione B7 will be the International Arena FS with music and dances from the world each day at 8 p.m. It is an impressive arena where guests from Africa, Far East, Eastern Europe and Italy’s suburbs will bring their artistic and human contribute.

On Monday 25th August “The strange tree!” – theatrical acrobatic performance with Koinonia Acrobatic Team from Nairobi and Giuseppe Chirico. First premiere. A poetic show of theatre, music and flying circus presented at Meeting after an in-depth analysis work of theatrical techniques of clownerie and mime, developed by Otello Cenci. Acrobats have already arrived in Rimini for the official rehearsals of the show. Event’s open act: “Miserere ‘e me”, a concert-preview of traditional Neapolitan music with Gianni Aversano, accompanied by a quartet of musicians. Songs from middle South will narrate the Christian event through Mary’s eyes, symbol of love, joy and a mother’s pain. These feelings will be expressed in tarantellas, songs and tammurriate of thanks and celebration, and in litany of sorrow, of the presented repertory.

On Tuesday 26th August, repeated performance of Kenyan artists’ acrobatics with “The strange tree!”, moved up by open act “Lituania canta”. Preview – concert with traditional music and songs from Lithuania, where the fascinating history of Lithuanian people and their path towards freedom will be narrated. In the folk songs’ repertory will be songs describing love and defense of their own land. Field’s work, sacrifice, wait and nostalgia are feelings expressed in the Lithuanian songs, which the group wants the public to know.

On Wednesday 27th August “Sabatino”, visionary theatrical performance of great emotional intensity, which tells the story of one of the first important friends of Fratel Ettore.
Poor people helped by Fratel Ettore, protagonists of the production, shift from the marionettes’ reduced size to a huge show which will touch the Milanese suburbs, in order to arrive at the Meeting. Before the show there will be a lot of music with the open act of “Sing for the World”. South America, Africa, New Zeeland, Ireland and Italy: a travel around the world in order to meet different cultures through singing. This is what you get from the music lab promoted by the Rimini family association “Il Ponte sul Mare”, the vocal group “Amarcanto” and the prevention cooperative of youth problems “Centro Open”.

On Thursday 28th August on the stage will return “Sabatino”, preceded by the open act “SIAMAK GURAN. Concert of traditional Kurd music” with the Kurd musician and composer Siamak Guran. A concert of traditional music that Guaran mix passionately with his sound, sought and revalued in the small villages of Kurdistan, which have been handed down orally. The musical instrument which will go along his performance is the tambur, symbolic instrument of kalam songs belonging to Kurd tradition Yarsan.

At Novelli Theatre two important appointments:

On Wednesday 27th August at 9.30 p.m., show about the First World War titled: “Attached to life. Ungaretti and Lussu. Fragments of the Great War. Ungaretti and Lussu performed by Ugo Pagliai”. During the Centenary of the First World War the national preview of a theatrical performance goes on stage; it sees as protagonists the great actor Ugo Pagliai and the pianist Giulio Giurato, Roberto Ravaioli for direction. Lussu’s autobiographical tales, Ungaretti’s verses and interviews communicate with repertory images and music, emphasizing the mystery of human heart, that in the biggest tragedy wants in any case to know the meaning of all.

On Thursday 28th August you can find “Matthew, God’s accountant. The story of the man who did not take into account to write the first Gospel”, a narration of Apostle Matthew written by Gianpiero Pizzol. After the success of the monologue “My name is Peter”, Giampiero Pizzol return with a script dedicated to the figure of Matthew. The frugal life of a little accountant living in a lost suburb of the Great Roman Empire is messed up by an unpredictable meeting. Jesus of Nazareth’s calling changes the tax collector’s life. Saint Matthew writes the reasons of his following of Jesus, with numbers, words, with his nice common sense and the mathematic craftiness of a Jewish accountant who has to square with God.

On the stage of Piscine Ovest Edition from Monday to Friday starting from 10 p.m. there will be the opportunity to dance with good music, from funky to blues, from rock to folk.

On Monday 25th August “The Greenwich” will be waiting for you, a group born in 1994 through a common passion: the anglo-american folk of years 60’/70’. The name comes from the “Greenwich village”of New York, the artists’ quarter where the beat generation was born and grown up. The choice of the repertory is extended and gained from folk-rock world. There are Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Cat Stevens and James Taylor, but also Patty Smith, John Denver, Brian Adams and also a little bit of England… Beatles, why not?

On Tuesday 26th August you will find “I believe in a promise land”: Andrea Monda, teacher, journalist and fan of rock music, and Antonio Zirilli, musician and composer, have realized this show, a bit of reading and a bit of concert, which, through song-writers’ words and sounds, highlights the influence of biblical imaginary in rock and folk lyrics. This path face the theme of the “travel” of men through fallings and rebirths, beyond the boundary of life, searching the “promised land”.

On Wednesday 27th August “Pier on Sunday” with great old and new pieces, which have done the history of music. There’s a wide range of songs from funky to rock, through blues. And here there are the Queen who say hello to Jamiroquai, the Creedence Clearwater Revival around the corner and then David Bowie and James Brown. Only one password: involvement.

Cinema enthusiastic can’t miss Sala Cinema 3D, a multiplex that everyday at 9.30 p.m. will wait for you with a significant film exhibition, with only one ticket at 5 euro each. For example, you can find science fiction films such as “Gravity” (by Alfonso Cuaròn, USA 2013, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney), the thriller “Locke” (by Steven Knight, USA 2013, with Tom Hardy, Ruth Wilson and Olivia Colman), the comedy “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (by Ben Stiller, USA 2013, with Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig and Shirley MacLaine), or the dramatic film “Still Life” (by Umberto Pasolini, Great Britain 2013, with Eddie Marsan, Joanne Froggatt and Karen Drury).

For the classical and traditional music enthusiastic, an appointment you can’t miss is the one with Spirito Gentil, from 25 and 29 August in Sala Neri CONAI at 7 p.m., three evenings in order to meet the “Canti baschi”’s music, presented by Massimo Bernardini; the “Improvvisi” by F.P. Schubert, a live concert with piano, edited by Nazzareno Carusi, and the “Coronation Mass” by W.A. Mozart, edited by Pier Paolo Bellini.

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