37. Marija Judina sold out for the Rimini Meeting

Press Meeting

It promises much followed the performance tonight, “Marija Judina, the pianist who touched Stalin,” a drama that tells the story of one of the largest and unknown musical performers of the twentieth century.

Dedicated to one of the greatest Russian pianists, the show alternates between words and music, starting with an imaginary dialogue between the musician and his piano student, conversation about music, religion and artistic freedom in a dictatorship.

The title of the play – which is already being sold out at the Meeting box office – refers to a real event: Stalin was deeply moved listening to a concert performance of Judina, during an Mozart play evening in Moscow.

The emotion of the dictator could not stop the Soviet realism: the Judina was in fact dismissed by the Moscow Conservatory for his profound Orthodox faith and his love of contemporary composers considered unwelcome in power. However the appreciation of Stalin to his immense talent allowed her to avoid the confinement and the Gulag. The Judina spent two decades away from concert halls, teaching in his studio in Moscow, where she died in 1970.

Dialogue – signed by Angela Dematté – alternated with performances of Brahms, Mussorgsky, Mozart played by Victor Derevianko and Marina Drozdov, among the most acclaimed Russian musicians, students of the same Marija.

Rimini, 23rd August 2010