The Meeting and Rimini genius loci. The presentation at Miramare

August 2021

A real dialogue between friends of the Meeting last night at Rimini Airport. The president of the Meeting Bernhard Scholz and the mayor of Rimini Andrea Gnassi discussed the themes of the 2021 Meeting, in the presence of many friends and guests from the Rimini area.

"The Meeting found in the genius loci of this territory a very fertile ground," Scholz said. «Your territory has always been able to combine love with work, entrepreneurial ability and a particular sense of welcome». The president of the Meeting then explained the genesis of the title of the Meeting "the courage to say "I"". "The assumption of a personal responsibility, the openness to dialogue and to the relationship with others even in difficult moments can only arise from a true fidelity to the desire for good that deeply characterizes our "I". In this sense, the courage to say "I" in the face of life's challenges is a true antidote to individualism and also to collectivism, two ways that reduce the expressive potential of the person. Pasolini, on which there will be an exhibition at the Meeting, had warned us of the risk of a great homologation that risks to alienate the individual in its uniqueness. Another exhibition on Tolkien will illustrate how the creativity of the individual finds its true fruitfulness in the polyphony of creation».

The mayor of Rimini catches the ball: «The Meeting this year performs the miracle of being there, of being fully in presence, not only as streaming. I say that it is a miracle because in these strange times we need squares, relationships, humanity and the courage of the Meeting this year is also to build an event in presence in our land of Romagna». On the title of the 2021 Meeting, "it is in contrast with the rhetoric of the 'time of us'", observes the mayor, "but if we want to deepen what lies behind this “us”, we discover that there are many "I", who risk with their creativity and responsibility, who give their contribution with the courage to innovate inside the relationship with others". The Meeting this year also, underlines Gnassi, «in addition to being present in our fair, will be in presence in the heart of the rediscovered city, in the cultural and museum center, in our squares. This year the historic center with its soul will be an integral part of the exhibitions and shows of the Meeting, this is also part of that human touch that we need so much today».