“The artist and friend Federico Fellini”

August 2020

20th August 2020

Rimini, Wednesday 19th August – “The artist and friend Federico Fellini” is the title of the tribute in collaboration with Cineteca, the Municipality of Rimini, the backing of Group Hera and the photographic support of Riccardi archive, scheduled the 21st for the Meeting (streaming on the event website).

«It could not miss in this centenary year», highlights Francesca Fabbri Fellini, who will lead this event, «this evening that will be “an amacord”, a cenacle of friends called by me. Each of them will tell “his Fellini” as friend, master, “beacon” as his collaborators in Cinecittà called him ».

An “Oscar evening” dotted with special guests and many surprises. They will intervene in connection: Giuseppe Tornatore, Sergio Rubini, Nicola Piovani, Matteo Garrone, Liana Orfei, Pupi Avati, Paolo Virzì, Carlo Verdone, Eugenio Cappuccio.
The tribute to “The artist and friend Federico” will also be enriched by pictures of the time taken by the great photographer Carlo Riccardi, that the Riccardi photographic Archive kindly conceded. They are scene photos that were taken on the set or during the Dolce Vita evenings in Rome. The same images that in these weeks are exhibited in Rome at Spazio5”. The history of the Riccardi photographic Archive (that collects over 3 million negatives and is enrolled to Archival Superintendence for Latium as Heritage of National Interest) and of his almost 94-years-old founder intertwined several times with the personal and professional life of the director from Romagna, enough to start a friendship that Riccardi always remembers fondly.

Among the most significant images that you will be able to see at the Meeting, from the selection made for the director’s 100th birthday with the intent to sum up his humanity and his greatness, the most famous is certainly the one that portrays him together with Giulietta Masina, right after they landed from the long journey that saw them protagonists in the USA, where they received the Oscar for Nights of Cabiria“. It seems like nothing is missing from that photo: his “mocking” look, his private life and his job. The other shots often see him receiving prizes: at the time it almost seemed like there was no other film besides “8 ½”, there was no prize that Fellini would not receive, and that Riccardi would not capture.