Tosi Flavio

Flavio Tosi was born on 18th June 1969 in Verona, where he still lives.
After obtaining the classical high school diploma at the public high school of Verona “Scipione Maffei”, he became electronic programmer in the industrial automation area, and he practiced this profession.
In 1994, at the age of 25, he was elected city councillor in Verona. In April 2000 he was elected regional councillor with the role of council group leader, which he held until January 2002. In the elections of 2004 he was elected provincial councillor.
In the regional elections of 2005 he was elected once again, obtaining the absolute record of preferences among all candidates. Thanks also to this result he held the role of Veneto Region Health Assessor until May 2007, when he was elected Mayor of Verona in the local elections (he was elected with 60,75 percent of votes).
In the local elections of 2012 Flavio Tosi was reconfirmed Mayor of Verona with 57,35 percent of votes.
In the European elections of 2014 Flavio Tosi was elected member of the European Parliament with 99.567preferences.

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