Ricci Matteo

Matteo Ricci (Pesaro, July 18, 1974) Mayor of Pesaro since 2014, former president of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino. In November 2014, he was elected to the Board of Anci, of which he became also vice president with delegation to the reforms.
He studies at Technical Institute of Pesaro; graduated in Political Science at the University of Urbino in 2003 with a thesis titled “Towards a European Constitution”. In October 2013 he published the book “Italy in search of happiness”, for the types of AIEP Publishers (San Marino).
In the years of high school he joined the Left Youth and Juvenile Youth Circuit, then joined the PDS and in 1999 he was elected to the Pesaro City Council. In 2003 he became secretary of the DS of Pesaro. In 2004 he was re-elected in the municipal council and was the most voted in the city.
In 2005 he became secretary of the DS Federation of Pesaro and Urbino. In 2008, he was elected provincial secretary of the Democratic Party. In 2009 he was elected president of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino in the first round with 52.13% of consents. On May 25, 2014 he was elected mayor of Pesaro in the first round, with over 60% of the vote.
From December 15, 2013 to May 7, 2017, Vice President of the Democratic Party under the direction of Secretary Matteo Renzi. In October 2016 he assumed the responsibility of the Local Entities of the party, also entering the National Secretariat.

Source: https://www.partitodemocratico.it/profile/matteo-ricci/

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