Reynolds Brian K.

Brian Reynolds teaches in the Department of Italian Language and Culture and in the Graduate Institute for Comparative Literature at Fu Jen University, Taipei. He has previously held positions at Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and the Università degli studi, Bari. He is a graduate of UCD and carried out his postgraduate studies at TCD. He has published widely on Dante, Patristic and Medieval Mariology, and Medieval vernacular poetry. He is currently nearing completion of the second volume of his study on Patristic and Medieval Mariology, dedicated to typology, and is also editing two other volumes on the Virgin Mary. In addition he continues to publish regularly on Dante. Prof Reynolds is an advising editor for New City Press and serves on the editorial board of the journals Fu Jen Studies, Claritas: Journal of Dialog and Culture, and Maria: A Journal of Marian Studies.

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