Guerra Raniero

Raniero Guerra is a physician, now General Director of Health Prevention of the Ministry of Health. He is a member of the Standing Committee of the Regional Commitee (SCRC) -WHO / EUROPE, where he chairs migrant health working groups and is a member of the WHO Geneva Executive Board at the beginning of 2017.
Specializing in public health in Italy and England, he has practiced in several areas, including Italy, working in small groups in more than 150 countries. His professional interests and experiences range from emergency and rescue operations (especially in areas devastated by war) to the planning and creation of health conditions in less developed countries, the impact of climate change on health, global health and the Sustainable Development Goals”, with an in-depth look at vaccinations and antibiotic resistance. Before this, he was Scientific Envoy at the Italian Embassy in the United States. He has been Director of Research at the Higher Institute of Health (where he has conducted many studies, mainly in the e-health sector with a special focus on less developed and peripheral spatial areas and populations resident there), Medical Director at United Nations Relief (UNRWA) and Work Agency (Palestinian Refugee Agency). He has also worked for the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and has conducted several missions on EU development aid to the ACP countries (Africa / Caribbean / Pacific). He devoted a lot of time to creating a Public Health School in Italy, chairing the WHO Human Resource Center for more than a decade and forming several hundred innovative participants with innovative curricula, new educational and technological techniques, introducing country-specific knowledge-based improvement pioneers, Distance teaching for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other health professions within the National Healthcare System and abroad. Professor of Medical Care at G. Washington University in Washington DC and University Professor at Chengdu University in China. In China, he is also a member of the Lancet Commission on Primary Health Care.
His scientific publications are “educational” and focused mainly on community health issues and controversial issues between healthcare providers and users.

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