Brekk Odd Per

Odd Per Brekk, a Norwegian national, is Deputy Director of the IMF’s Asia and Pacific Department. In this capacity, he oversees the Department’s engagement with about 20 member countries (including Japan) and with ASEAN and other regional groupings, as well as its activities relating to capacity building and technical assistance, field offices, and external communications. Mr. Brekk joined the IMF in 1987 and has held several senior positions in the European and Asia and Pacific Departments, including Director of the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, mission chief to Indonesia and Lithuania, and Senior Resident Representative in Turkey and Russia. During 2005–09, he was the Advisor to the IMF’s First Deputy Managing Director. Earlier in his career, Mr. Brekk worked in the African and Central Banking Departments of the IMF. Before joining the IMF, Mr. Brekk was a senior economist at the Bank of Norway. He holds a graduate degree in economics from the University of Oslo.

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