YO CANTO LA DIFERENCIA - Meeting di Rimini


With Guys Valmaggi e los creadores


In the ’60s many songs were dedicated to the themes of the protest that hit the western world in ’68. From North America, songs of rebellion spread to racism, to imperialism, to the immobility of society. South America, on the other hand, was struggling with the sad reality of military dictatorships and neocolonialism imposed by them, so that people lived in exploitation, poverty and lack of freedom. The Chilean singer-songwriters Violeta Parra and Victor Jara were the initiators of a “committed” music, with lyrics which are sometimes lashed and poised between denunciation and hope. Their music is connected to the popular traditions and is developed for centuries in all aspects throughout Latin America. Of a completely different musical style is the work of their contemporary Brazilian, Chico Buarque, refined singer-songwriter with a chosen and often ironic language, spearhead of a real movement of artists He rebels against the regime and persecuted by them (in 1969, Chico Buarque had to take refuge in Italy to avoid a second stay in the prisons).

This musical production also spread to Europe and became public domain. As Victor Jara sang, “his memory will not end, he will not die with time. What comes from the truth will always be a new song
The YO CANTO LA DIFERENCIA concert traces its footsteps, favoring the songs that best resist the changing of times and that speak, even after half a century, to today’s people.


21 Agosto 2018






Open Arena Illumia Piscine Est