Living without fear in the age of uncertainty

Charles Taylor, Julián Carrón, Rowan Williams

Curated by
Samuele Busetto, Pia De Simone, Alessandra Gerolin, Alessandro Rovati, Kirsten Pinto Gfroerer, Aaron Riches

Giulia Sodi

In partnership with
Massimo Bernardini

Audiovisual and musical research
Matteo R. Bernardini

The exhibition focuses on the irreducibility of the human which, in the secular age, emerges with surprising evidence. The itinerary includes the testimonies of Julián Carrón, Charles Taylor and Rowan Williams, continuously intertwined with provocations, facts and questions regarding the contemporary world. Thus, an audio-visual path is created, in full-immersion mode, consisting of songs, texts, interviews, film clips and TV series, poems, works of art and images taken from contemporary reality. The secular age in which we live, marked in many ways by a sense of widespread uncertainty, presents itself as a great opportunity to rediscover the true nature of the self, its thirst for truth, justice and goodness, and – at the same time – the originality of the Christian event. The exhibition illustrates a cognitive journey, in which no question relating to the human is censored. The spotlight is focused on reality: even the most uncomfortable questions are accepted, without fear, as indispensable factors of this human adventure.


20 Agosto 2021 - 25 Agosto 2021




Padiglione B3