The Merciful Embrace. A Source of Forgiveness - Meeting di Rimini
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The Merciful Embrace. A Source of Forgiveness

With the patronage of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the new Evangelization, Honduras Embassy at the Holy See. Curated by Carlos Avila Molina, Filippo Belli, Mary Melone, Federica Bergamino and Luca Pezzi. With the collaboration of the Sale


This exhibition focuses on Mercy and forgiveness. Can relationships not be dominated by interests, violence and possession? Can we really say: you are a good for me? Despite its flaws and wounds, human heart wants to answer yes to these questions. God showed us that those desires can be realized through Mercy. With Him, it is possible to encounter and discover Mercy and therefore to generate new peaceful relationships between men.


19 Agosto 2016




Piazza C5
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