The loss of the centre


‘Taking our cue from the book ,”The loss of the centre” by Hans Sedlmayr, a critical journey is presented inside the history of art. The accent is placed on the crisis of modern human beings, pinpointing artistic phenomena as symptoms of such crisis. Art history documents the loss of the “centre” as loss of God first, then of man and finally of the perception of reality. Reality is without consistency. A dreamy drugged atmosphere predominates: the abstract as negation of the visible; surrealism as dream-like deformation of the visible; right up to Pop-Art as the absence of value, consistency; a sort of nihilism without anguish. All this is the symptom of mankind’s profound crisis. ‘At the bottom of all human confusion is a great truth, a profound need of the human heart. Otherwise, it would be unexplainable how entire generations, or even entire centuries have been assailed by this confusion’ (Mohler). The aim of the exhibition is not to judge the artist’s work from a moral or ethical viewpoint; nor does it wish to express an aesthetic judgement. No stance is being taken in favour of any particular style or artistic movement. The purpose of the event it to make people aware of the sadness of the culture in which we live, a secularised culture, and of a human being without humanity but who, and art is a witness, cannot in any way stop seeking an answer to his need for goodness, truth, righteousness and beauty; a crying out for meaning which, whether he wants it or not, is part of his makeup.’


23 Agosto 1998 - 29 Agosto 1998


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