THE LAST WHITE SHEET. The white point in the man’s heart - Meeting di Rimini

THE LAST WHITE SHEET. The white point in the man’s heart

Theatrical performance based on the homonymous book by Farhad Bitani.
Directed by Alex Ruzzi, written by Roberta Colombo with Martino Iacchetti, Fabrizio Cadonà, Clarissa Pari and Lucina Scarpolini. Music by Marcello Franzoso, published by Immaginazione srl.
Costumes by Kabul Fashion.


The show is based on the autobiographical book by Farhad Bitani “L’Ultimo Lenzuolo Bianco”.
Afghanistan. A woman from Kabul, the brave and wise Manà, tells the story of her son, becoming both a narrator and a protagonist of this “journey” .Together with the other two actors who play the young Farhad, the friend Seyar, and the other characters who bring evoked memories to life: from Afghanistan to Italy, from family and childhood friends to new encounters that will forever change the life of this young Afghan boy.

The journey becomes a metaphor, together with the wind , this search for truth, of oneself and of God. Farhad, son of an important army general mujaheddin, was born in Kabul in 1986, in a wonderful land but devastated by war and fundamentalism, violence and abuse of God’s name , used to justify power and death. All under the indifferent gaze of the Western powers, silent accomplices of a feigned war for democracy. Farhad grows among the weapons ,executions , among the wealthy luxuries of a privileged world to which it is hard to escape.
A reality that becomes “normal”, “right”. The rest of the world is unknown, unfaithful, sinful. The only lifeline in this scenario is: a mother, a sweet woman but with an extraordinary strength, convinced that even in the blackest hearts remains a small ray of hope, a hope to change, to find a way back. Then comes the meeting with the “different”, which will forever change the life of Farhad and his look upon this world … The characters want to speak for all humanity, where we can all be the good, the bad, the victims, the executioners … We can all be the characters of the story. We are all Farhad. All, if we want, we can change ourselves and the world.


20 Agosto 2018






Teatro Novelli