The lady of Guadeloupe


‘The exhibition “The Lady of Guadeloupe” is made up of24 original drawings by Tomie De Paola, especially famous for having written and illustrated many books for children, such as “The Clown of God”, “The Kids’ Cat Book”, “Songs of the Fog Mai-den”, “Dig Antony and The Magic Ring”. One of the most popular traditions in Mexico is that of its Patron, the Lady of Guadeloupe, who appeared in front of a poor Indios peasant on the Hill of Tepeyac, in winter 1531. Since then, people were able to see Our Lady with an Indios face. The book narrates the story of this apparition and how, in that place, a chapel made of clay was built and then turned into a sanctuary, where the miraculous image of Our Lady is still kept. Hanging on the wall of the author’s house, a farm in New Hamàshire, there is a painting of The Lady of Guadeloupe. Tomie De Paola has long been interested in the legend and has tried to write its story, according to the tradition of Mexican folklore. The illustrations, based on scrupulous research, accurately describe the lifestyle and the architecture of 16th century Mexico.’


25 Agosto 1984 - 09 Gennaio 1984


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