The Europe of monasteries and cathedrals


‘The exhibition aims to demonstrate the wealth of artistic expression in Medieval Europe in the XII and XIII century. The flowering of the works of art of this period testifies an extraordinary human phenome-non which included everything in consecrated acts: agriculture and the construction of buildings, prayer and the new machines, high studies and the culinary arts, music and charity towards fellow-men, civic pride and catholic unity and monastic constitutions and civil institutions. Two rooms of the exhibition present images, life-size profiles of architectural elements, objects and explanatory notes regarding the world of the monasteries and that of the cathedrals. A third room illustrates the diffusion of monasteries and cathedrals in the various parts of Eu-rope over the centuries. These three rooms open out onto a common foyer where suggestive images of the monastery of Fontenay and the cathedral of Chartres, authentic symbols of a great civilization, are on display.’


22 Agosto 1987 - 29 Agosto 1987


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