The Euphrates and the time


‘Realized under the direction of Olivier Rouault, Directorof the French archaeological mission of Terqa-Ashara, in accordance with the General Direction of Syrian Antiques, the great archaeological exhibition opened on March 28th, has already got an im-mense success from critics and public. The exhibition presents about five hundred precious finds coming from the Syrian Museums and from Louvre in Paris, and this finds cover the time from 200.000 B.C. to the 12th century A.C.. The prestigious exhibition has exceptional dimensions and value for the quality and quantity of the objects, mostly unpublished in Europe, and for the novelty of the themes faced with the contributions of the best experts in this subject. The exhibition concerns a geographical area which was a crossroads of peoples and civilizations in the ancient times.’


28 Marzo 1993 - 28 Agosto 1993


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