The ecological transition in the agri-food sector

In collaboration with Cdo Agroalimentare
Stefano Berni, General Manager of Consorzio Grana Padano; Matteo Fiocco, Entrepreneur and Founder of “Matt the Farmer”; Davide Franzetti, Sales Manager Coca-Cola HBC Italia; Alessio Mammi, Councillor for Agriculture of the Emilia-Romagna Region; Luca Panzavolta, Managing Director of CIA Conad; Marco Travaglia, Chairman and Managing Director of Nestlé Italia and Malta. Introduced by Camillo Gardini, President of Cdo Agroalimentare.

The agri-food sector is facing two joint challenges: to be able to resist changes, especially those of the climate and the market, to be sustainable (environment and climate change), to guarantee the vitality of rural areas; to ensure food production considering the future increase in the world’s population, which by 2050 will be close to 10 billion human beings.
The future of farming will be characterised by the prevalence of agro-ecology, organic farming, innovation and digital agriculture, in order to obtain increasingly health-conscious products, transferred to consumers through perfectly traced and information-rich agri-food chains.



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25 Agosto 2021






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