Children’s Village

Once again this year, the “Villaggio Ragazzi” will be present at the Meeting.

It is a place designed for children, teenagers, and, of course, their families.

It is a vibrant space, ready to welcome the young visitors of the Meeting, offering them age-appropriate ways to spend their time, in line with the grand proposal of the Meeting: a village filled with ideas, exhibitions, workshops, performances, readings, and gatherings. A place where they can pause, chat, take care of the little ones, or simply be together.

The commitment to this project stems from a group of friends, fathers, and mothers, along with other long-time volunteer friends of the Meeting, mainly due to the fulfillment they have always experienced during that week spent together with their children and because of the friendship among them.

The “Villaggio Ragazzi” is located in Pavilion C5 and is open every day from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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