THE CRACK AND THE LIGHT. Interview with Jesús Carrasco

This meeting is part of a cycle of video interviews, made by the magazine Tracce, with Edith Bruck, Jesús Carrasco and Elisa Fuksas: three protagonists of the culture of our time tell each other in a one-on-one conversation, offering their gaze on today, through the wounds of personal and collective history. The title is inspired by Leonard Cohen’s verse, taken from Anthem: “There is a crack in everything and from there the light enters.”
In Torrijos, near Toledo, we meet Jesús Carrasco and his poignant desire to learn to see, to penetrate the world and ourselves, through the beauty of language and of the human. Writer from Extremadura, born in 1972, he is the author of “Intemperie” (Severe Weather) (Salani, 2013), the first work and revelation of Spanish publishing: an extraordinary novel, in which reality – lived with a presence – has the strength to heal.



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22 Agosto 2021






Sala Neri