Television: angel, devil or electrical applliance?


‘The exhibition sets out to analyse the relationship between the family and television in all its various and complex aspects. It seeks to provide the family with certain fundamental tools to develop an active, responsible and critical attitude towards this particular medium. One of its principal aims is to draw attention to the large number of messages which television daily addresses to the family. Often such messages are explicit and obvious; sometimes, however, they are more hidden or ambiguous and consequently more insidious, especially as far as children are concerned. As a first step, the exhibition seeks to isolate the most important problems in the relationship between the family and television: dependency on the medium, the incapacity or the reduced efficiency in “reading” the messages transmitted, the division of the family group, stereotyping in the family models shown on television, etc. Thereafter it puts forward positive proposals suggesting alternative uses of the medium from the point of view of both programme producers and the family, which constitutes television’s principal ‘consumer’.’


23 Agosto 1986 - 30 Agosto 1986


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