Talk “The work to come”. Working is changing

Curated by Foundation for Subsidiarity. In collaboration with Philip Morris International
Elena Bonetti, Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family; Marco Ceresa, Group Chief Executive Officer Randstad; Andrea Orlando, Minister of Labour and Social Policies; Renzo Sartori, President of Number1 and President Associazione Next; Luigi Sbarra, Secretary General of Cisl; Giorgio Vittadini, President of the Foundation for Subsidiarity.

This first session is intended as an overview of the issues that will be discussed by the talk during the Meeting week. It will describe the extreme changes currently taking place and the situation of work and workers, as well as the previously existing problems worsened by the pandemic. A special emphasis will be put on new jobs likely to let us understand what realities will remain and become permanent and what are the future wrok-related issues that will arise. The stories of some workers will be told through journalistic reports: ranging from those who lost everything during the pandemic and are now facing a dramatic situation, to those who have earned money and have seen their companies grow and develop in times of general great difficulty. We will talk about this with two ministers, a union representative, a company and an association on the front line.



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20 Agosto 2021






Sala Ravezzi