School-work alliance. It’s never too late

Let’s Build the Future Foundation, Censis Foundation, Deloitte Foundation

In partnership with
Cariplo Foundation
Aristide Merloni Foundation

GiGroup Foundation

With the contribution of
Federlegno Aredo

Ubaldo Casotto

Scientific Committee
Lorenzo Ornaghi, President of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation Let’s Build the Future
Giorgio De Rita, general manager of Censis
Anna Maria Poggi, Full Professor of Public Law Institutions, Law, University of Turin Tommaso Agasisti, Full Professor of Economic and Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
Ezio Delfino, head teacher, president of the association Managers of autonomous and free schools (Disal)
Ernesto Lanzillo, Deloitte Foundation
Carlo Mango, Cariplo Foundation
Gianmario Spacca, Aristide Merloni Foundation
Antonio Bonardo, GiGroup

After moments of crisis (wars, epidemics, economic and social crises), the investment that can relaunch and historically has relaunched a country is that in education and training.
What did invest in training and education mean?
What does it mean today? How to reconnect school, university and the world of work?
Is this, or even this, what it means to invest in human capital?



20 Agosto 2021 - 25 Agosto 2021




Padiglione A4