Saint Benedict, the founder


‘The exhibition highlights the most important moments in the life of Benedict and attempts to describe the civil and ecclesiastic situation of the times. This was an age distinguished by confusion, due to the end of a civilization with the fall of the Roman Empire of the West and the barbaric invasions. Everyone feels the tragic end of a civilization without any prospects for the future. With Constantine, Christianity became of the official religion of the empire. It spread to the cities but conversion was superficial. Because of the barbaric invasions, many people fled from the cities. This was felt as a threat to reli-gion, which was also threatened by Arian heresy. The hierarchical church assumed greater political functions in order to try and eliminate the general disorder. In doing so it neglected its pastoral function, evangelization and missionary work. Only hermitic and cenobitic asceticism are seen as a possible way of maintaining faith as originally per-ceived, replacing the martyrdom of the newborn Church with an escape from the world as a condition for keeping its experience alive. The life of Benedict is very simple. His is an attempt to live daily life as a miracle, daily life made up of small occurren-ces and ordinary encounters. The Order in which Benedict matures attempts to develop the intuitions of existing monasticism, turning it into a Christian method based on the sequel of Christ in the figure of the Abbot and as memory of our Lord through prayers said during the day. This memory is maintained in work, during meals, during rest and in hospitality. From his order stems the construction of the monastery as a place of order, silence, psalm singing, listening and work, where time is spent usefully in serving ones neighbors or in the construction of a social life center on the glorification of Christ. The exhibition consists of 30 panels, a plastic model of a monastery and reproductions of work instruments of the times and miniature codices.’


20 Agosto 1995 - 26 Agosto 1995


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