Rediscovering one’s own dignity. Testimonies from the world

With the contribution of Regione Emilia-Romagna
Mario Del Verme, Sports activities coordinator for Scholas Italy; Marigona Oliva, Educator and teacher, formerly girl of “l’imprevisto ” of Pesaro; Alena Choperskova, Editorial Director and Communication Manager of Takìe Delà. Introduced by Davide Perillo, Journalist.

Scholas Occurrentes is an international organisation of pontifical right created and led by Pope Francis. It is present in 190 countries, with a network that includes almost 500,000 schools and educational institutions of all religious denominations, both public and private, and supports over 1 million young people. Its aim is to promote a culture of encounter for peace.
The Cooperativa Sociale l’Imprevisto of Pesaro focuses on young people suffering from hardship supporting them through educational and therapeutic paths. The important moments of this journey are the dialogue with the practitioners, the group discussions, the formative and cultural meetings, job training and expressive, theatrical, sport and game activities.
The name of a major coordination centre for independent social and charitable initiatives that are being developed in Russia could be translated with the expression: “that’s how things are”. Today “Takìe delà” (this is the original Russian name) reaches out to an audience of millions of individuals, focuses on the stories of people, ordinary people, especially those who live far from the big cities, and whose problems and dramas are hardly known. The picture emerging from these almost unknown accounts, made of humanity, tenacity, compassion and responsibility, is that of a country struggling daily to keep each “I” alive. The aim of Takìe delà is precisely to make these stories known, to widen the existing network of solidarity and civil commitment, to put people back at the centre of politics and the economy.
Three testimonies will focus on the dignity of the individual, rediscovered in dramatic and painful circumstances, through the encounter with people and educational realities capable of awakening a new and unexpected freedom, curiosity and emotional ability.



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22 Agosto 2021






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