Recovering enterprises

Guido Bardelli, President of Compagnia delle Opere; Carlo Bonomi, President of Confindustria. Testimonies by Attilio Briccola, Managing Director Bric’s S.p.A.; Emanuela Lucchini, President of ICI Caldaie. Introduced by Dario Di Vico, Editorialist of Corriere della Sera.

The economic recovery and the factors that can stimulate it, underscore the strategic role played by businesses and by our entire production system. During the long pandemic period, several gaps have emerged between different industrial and commercial sectors, in terms of economic results, employment and timing of the restart.
In this new and long-awaited phase in which the pandemic, although not yet definitively behind us, is becoming a more contained phenomenon, it is of paramount importance to understand how the most heavily hit companies can regain their competitiveness, while those that have worked at full capacity can be further enhanced in order to trigger the emergence of new entrepreneurial ecosystems capable of driving and stabilising growth.



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21 Agosto 2021






Auditorium Intesa Sanpaolo D1