Quid animo satis


‘This exhibition experience stems from an idea and a curiosity: where does humanness take shape and which are instances of humanity achieved to the full? ‘Holiness is the reflection of the figure in which humanity is fulfilled in all its potential, Jesus Christ’. How is it possible to live in such a complete way, how was it possible in the lives of the saints? The exhibition attempts to answer this question, starting with the sermon of the Pope at Norcia in 1980: “It was necessary for the heroic to become daily living and daily living heroic”. Saints are not supermen: their lives, like those of each of us, consist of friendship and normal occurrences. The exhibition documents the statement of John Paul II through the “normal” lives of saints. ‘The Spirit of Jesus is experienced by the ordinary individual in the radical changes made in those who meet Him and, like Giovanni and Andrea, follow Him’. The same thing happened to St. Francesco Saverio, St. Camillo De Lellis, Ermanno the lame and Mother Teresa, in a unique and special way for each one: ‘We are therefore called upon to be and to follow a Presence, building a new piece of mankind on the move, wherever we are’.’


20 Agosto 2000 - 26 Agosto 2000




Agorà C1 (Area CdO)
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