Poetry, a science nourished with amazement


‘Besides poetry (the great texts on show, reading, discussions, a small reference library and video screenings), this year the clanDestino area will also contain other art forms: painting, sculpture and music, with the setting up of small exhibitions and the performance of musical pieces and songs. While last year, focus was placed on Italian poetry, this year, the centre of attraction will be European poetry of this century: from Eliot to Rilke, from Anna Achmatova to Sully Proudhomme. Consistent with the title of Meeting 1999: ‘The unknown generates fear, Mystery fills with wonder’, the title of the exhibition is ‘Poetry, a science nourished with amazement’, quoted from Piero Bigongiari, one of the major Italian poets of this century. The most human reaction to life and its Mystery is amazement. Poetry, and obviously music and the figurative arts, reveal something ‘beyond’ present in things, a mysterious beauty that amazes and moves us. This year again, the exhibition intends representing an open space where visitors can take part in aspects of poetry and other art forms, the place of possible encounter where the chance exists of experiencing the amazement generated by Mystery.’


22 Agosto 1999 - 28 Agosto 1999


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