Brian Kazzaniga & the Rock’n Roll Band in concert.
30 years of rock on the streets of Brianza.


This is the rock “cult band” par excellence of northern Italy, with 30 years of experience on their shoulders but with the vigour and supercharged energy of those who know exactly how to bring enthusiasm to the public. The Bryan Kazzaniga Rock & Roll Band during its career has opened concerts of internationally acclaimed groups such as Selecter, Talking heads and Joe Jackson. They have played with Italian groups like Pfm, Gaznevada, Joe Squillo, all the Italian New wave of the 1980’s; they have hundreds of concerts under their belts, from Italy, France and Switzerland.
Their repertoire begins with the origins of rock&roll, with numbers by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochrain, Jerry Lee Lewis, to arrive at Rolling Stones, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, then the singer-songwriters Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen, up to the southern rock of ZZ Top and the punk of the Ramones. All with original interpretations and arrangements as well as the bands own songs.


25 Agosto 2010






Area Piscine Ovest Edison