Migrants, the challenge of the encounter - Meeting di Rimini
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Migrants, the challenge of the encounter

With the patronage of Fondazione Migrantes, Organismo pastorale della CEI
Curated by Andrea Avveduto, Giacomo Gentile, Francesco Magni, Giorgio Paolucci, Maddalena Saccaggi, Marco Saporiti Lorenza Violini. With the collaboration of the students of the Cat


Migration issue is on everyone’s lips, with people discussing it and confronting with it. Politicians take advantage of it in order to gain voters, while public opinion is divided between the fear of migrants invasion and the wish to receive them with open arms. Moreover, we get distorted and one-sided news from the media. The exhibition offers another perspective: we should try and face the issue not as a problem, but by looking in the eyes the men and women who are migrating. We should try and ask ourselves: who are these people knocking on our doors? Where do they come from? Why did they decide to leave their homes? We should take into account the words Pope Francis pronounced after the shipwreck in the Mediterranean sea which caused hundreds of casualties last year: “They are men and women like us, our brothers seeking a better life, starving, persecuted, wounded, exploited, victims of war. They were looking for a better life. They were seeking happiness…”


19 Agosto 2016




Piazza A1
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