Me/you. Fairy stories for narrating the soul


‘Alberta Albertini was born in Pesaro on 30th June 1952. She lives and works in Rimini. Her drawings derive from a personal inner research which found in fantastic narrative its place of expression. The artistic development of Albertini began in 1983 with a series of composition-collage works reutilising waste materials. In 1991, she exhibited at the “800 festival” of Saludecio with a series of educational games thought up and made with painting techniques on wood and perforation. This new work is inspired by fantastic tales, created with waterpainting techniques on wood; a sequence of tablets narrating fairytales, framed with a picturesque theatre frame embellished with symbols and figures dear to the painter. The fairystories illustrated by Alberta Albertini are not only intended for children, but try to reawaken – through colours, the expressions of characters and a personal and careful interpretation of texts – “the enchanted world” (to use a title of a book by B. Bettelheim), the psychological meaning of the fairystories and “contro Mastro Ciliegia” (as Giacomo Biffi), the eternal child inside us all. The images on show at the exhibition concern the following fairystories: Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Ugly Duckling, The Princess on the Pea, Beauty and the Beast, Aladin and the Magic Lamp, Toni Thumb, Puss in Boots, The Little Prince, Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book, Marcellino bread and wine. Besides 283 watercolours on wood relating to the above fairystories, the exhibition presents 3 panels, executed with perforation techniques, often using waste materials, concerning: The desire of a dream; the Lion; Beauty and the Beast (in each of us). Alberta Albertini’s illustrations relating to “The Jungle Book” also appear in a book published by Guaraldi during Meeting’95. Moments of animation will be organized daily during the exhibition.’


20 Agosto 1995 - 26 Agosto 1995


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