LE SCARPE DEL TENNIS - Meeting di Rimini


Sponsor: Gruppo bancario Credito Valtellinese


The event ‘Le scarpe del tennis’ is born at the same time as the publication by Itaca Libri of the first volume of the series ‘I Canzonieri’ of Guido Mezzara. The series predicts the release of eight books (two per year) che each contain eight stories. Each of these takes its cue from the songs of eight of the most important singer-songwriters of the last fifty years. The first is Enzo Jannacci.

“They are…songs that when you listen to them, even if you are driving, they make you slow down because they completely capture your attention, you don’t want to even a second. Songs that, all of a sudden, mysteriously, you hear speaking to you, and that speak for you like nothing else knows how to…In the tradition of the ancient troubadours and minstrels that were going around from city to city and court to court, the modern songwriters have restarted to tell stories, those of the reality around them, and those that emerge directly from the depths of their hearts, placing them at the disposition of all who still have the capacity to listen. To this wonderful rank belongs Enzo Jannacci.
Guido Mezzera in his accounts lets one be carried away by his immagination and examine, riconstrue, complete, one is carried away by these song-poems of Janacci to give back true stories through his narrative capacity”. (From the preface of the volume ‘Le scarpe del tennis’ by Giorgio Vittadini).
This show is the proposal of three stories of this volume dedicated to Jannacci, a narration that in addition to the words utilizes images that reproduce a Milan during the 1970’s, certainly poor, certainly truer; and also choreography that together display a profound sense of the poetry of the singer-songwriter from Milan.

“Guido Mezzera writes on the lines, without distorting the lyrics and the stories, but welcoming the invitation of Enzo to remain with his characters” (from the preface of the volume ‘Le scarpe del tennis’ by Giorgio Vittadini).
The show ‘Le scarpe del tennis’, therefore, offers the experience of staying a bit with Enzo and his characters, to find something that we might not have discovered yet, or reclaim what we have lost, or what we have only known truly become ours.


21 Agosto 2017






Teatro Novelli