The compassion that unites us - Meeting di Rimini
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The compassion that unites us

Exhibition promoted by IORWD International Organization for Relief, Welfare & Development

IORWD is an organization issued by the World Muslim League, representing 50 countries of the Islamic world. As a charitable organization it has an international scope, operating in situations with serious emergencies in more than 40 countries in the world. Among the countries in which it has recently intervened are Indonesia, following the very serious earthquake in 2018, Mozambique, Bosnia and South Sudan. It also intervenes daily to aid in various areas: from schools to shelters for orphans and the elderly, from health to the restoration of energy, water and light facilities.

In the exhibition the control room of the organization will be repeated  again, and monitors the  critical situations in those five continents. In addition, an itinerary of evidence with videos and images, which will show us the different contexts of need in which the organization intervenes.

IORWD wishes to show that charity is a meeting point for everyone.

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18 Agosto 2019




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