Infinity in details


‘The exhibition ‘Infinity in details’ illustrates Maurizio Bottoni’s exceptional qualities and his somewhat unconventional art production by about 70 paintings and drawings. Bottoni’s art goes beyond the classification criteria of contemporary art; his works have been said to be timeless, since they look at the past with the sensitiveness of Naturalists and at the same time are wholly contemporary and extremely original. These apparently timeless subjects are e.g. wide landscapes, woods, grass patches, fantastic and mysterious birds. The artist, therefore, describes the universe with scientific precision, but also with the amazement resulting from the perception of the splendour of creation, and thus reproduces it with the purpose of praising it. All details in Bottoni’s paintings shows the greatness of the eternal maker of nature, which is wrapped in a glim-mering peace; there ‘everything is good and splendid’, beauty is regarded as the splendour of truth, while man (though not always portrayed) proves his presence by acknowledging this value. Maurizio Bottoni was born in Milan in 1950 and works there. He attended the Art School in Brera, which he then left as, in his own words, ‘we didn’t work much there’. Many well-known critics, such as Giorgio Soavi and Roberto Tassi, wrote a number of essays on Bottoni’s art.’


24 Agosto 1997 - 30 Agosto 1997


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