I want to make a One of myself. The educational experience of don Didimo Mantiero.


“It’s true, many people write and talk about the youth, but they do it as if it were something now useful, now annoying, now dangerous. And in the meantime young people, the real ones that grow up around us, have nowhere to rest their ‘head’”.
This observation by Father Didimo Mantiero 500 years ago in Bassano del Grappa the “City of the youth” was born, an itinerary of education to the faith that generated a Christian mentality exercised in cultural, social, and political responsibilities. This experience of dedication now sees young people between the age of 15 and 30 able to live without fractures and rebellion in the footsteps of the adults who preceded them, adults who now live a more mature and completed experience in the School of Catholic Culture.
On the recurrence of the 100th anniversary of Father Didimo’s birth, the exhibit wants to present the figure of this humble twentieth century priest from Veneto, a promoter of a constellation of activities (the Ten, the School of Catholic Culture and the City of the Youth that includes different athletic, cultural, and musical realities) whose meaning resides in the intent to educating the whole and in the commitment of teaching the responsibility of unity and the common good. All this can be summed up in the extraordinary quote of Father Didimo that gives the title to the exhibit: “I want to make a ONE of me.”

Organized by the Associazione Opere of don Didimo Mantiero.


19 Agosto 2012 - 25 Agosto 2012




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