I, Pier Paolo Pasolini

Curated by
Casa Testori


“Something is always missing, there is a void in my every intuition. And it is vulgar, this not being complete, it is vulgar, never was I so vulgar as in this anxiety, this “not having Christ” – a face that is the instrument of a work not all lost in pure intuition in solitude”
Pier Paolo Pasolini


Why Pasolini today? Because Pasolini is an open chapter in our history. He is an intellectual whose writing, thinking, filming, debating has always been marked by a deep wound. One might think that it was a personal injury. But, as a matter of fact, if Pasolini is still such a living word that burns even almost 50 years later, it is because, by destiny, he had taken on a collective wound. Pasolini was the wounded witness of an anthropological change, where one world was violently swept away by another, on which the consensus of the market and ideology converged. But what was lost in the passage from one world to the other? It is not just a sociological problem: it is a change that has invested above all his identity and his person. And which has the dramatic sign of a “lack”. Pasolini was able to draw strength on the nostalgia for what was lost, putting into action an intelligence capable of unmasking, without fear of scandal, all the hypocrisies of the new victorious world. Pasolini’s strength therefore lies in this coincidence between the personal level and the public level. For this reason, his words, although they originated from his experience as an intellectual without a country, are words that still weigh on collective history.
The path of the exhibition hangs up these two levels, making use above all of direct recording: it will be Pasolini’s voice, so sharp and lucidly painful, to tell the story. Six videos stage as many chapters of Pasolini’s action, from the relationship with his mother and his land, to the love for the beauty of human work, from pain for contemporary society, to the need for education.
An exhibition not to talk about Pasolini, but to hear Pasolini speaking, which starts from the Rimini Fair but will reach the world, thanks to “Pasolini LIVE”, a performance launched on the web on Casa Testori channels. A continuous Pasolini live broadcast will be broadcast from a control room at the beginning of the itinerary: an uninterrupted reading for over 10 hours a day of Pasolini’s books and collections (articles, poems, interventions …) made by the volunteers and visitors of the Meetings, as well as groups of actors, artists and curators, called to read a passage by Pier Paolo Pasolini dear to them. But the transmission of the readings from the Fair will be just one of the streams that will collect this performance, over the six days of the Meeting, for over 50 hours of live broadcast. In fact, readers, enthusiasts, men of culture will be involved who will intervene from all over the world with their own reading, for a continuous flow and a global tribute never attempted for a writer, capable of accounting for the tangible international interest aroused by the intellectual of Casarsa.


20 Agosto 2021 - 25 Agosto 2021




Padiglione D4