Home and health care: a lasting encounter

Curated by Maddalena Grassi Foundation.


A 25 years long way, an exhibition which shows visitors Maddalena Grassi Foundation life, through a series of “windows” open on its works.
The exhibition fits perfectly the title of the Meeting 2016, “You are Good for Me”; the content of the title is perfectly shown by the foundation history both as regards the sick and the operators.
The original intuition wants the domicile to be the treatment place, and that means both the patient’s home and the nursing homes. In these places both the sick and the people at work are protagonists with their environment, their relationships, their stories, their temperament, their desires, which always reveals to be larger than those they belong to.
The result of all this is an unexpected event that amazes, a story of affection born between the founders, the new operators and the patients. It’s a path made of meetings and things done, of answers to the needs, not of projects arbitrarily established in advance,We met chronicity, frailty, disability and death, accompanied by a discreet and moved presence that become a working method.
We observed the circumstances in which we found ourselves involved, and so we relearnt how to judge and how to nurse: we acquired a authoritative method;
What’s in the norm is very useful: protocols, laws, guidelines, structural and organizational requirements, budget, skills, but it is not wellspring and is always insufficient. Maddalena Grassi Foundation challenged the lives of those it met. Similarly, the exhibition that celebrates its twenty-five years is the result of a joint work of comparison and rethinking of the origins, of the experience in place and of the hopes raised.


19 Agosto 2016 - 25 Agosto 2016




Piazza C5
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