Exhibition of two ‘Virtualities


‘Virtuality is e computer manufatured by the British of Company, W Industries, and sold in Italy and the Republic of San Marino eclusively by R&C Elgra. This revolutionary system allows the user to live in a world built completely inside the computer, but with all the characteristics of the natural environment. The most important aspect consists in the fact that virtual reality, accesibie through Virtuality, though a simulated world existing only thanks to software, can be experienced and manipulated by means of particular instruments which keep the body of the user in constant contact with the computer and enable him to interact, with the new synthetic environment. Two Virtuality systems are currendy availabie on the market: the Scientific System SU 1000 and the SD 1000 Unit. Elgra will bring to the Meeting two Scientific System 1000 units, designed to be one person operating or moving within a defined area. This system is the most complete and sophisticated of the two. Tranks to a special helmet and glove, the user can in fact not only see and move inside the virtual space, but also experience all the sounds and feels of this new environment. The possibility of operating with and in virtual reality offers numerous, fascianating prospects which can be applied in a whole range of fields, from architecture to town planning, from engineering to medicine, to “train” the hands of surgeons or the create environments siutable to motory rehabilitation, in the aircraft industry, not only for designing new planes, but for training pilots. The simplest application of virtual reality is undoubtedly the videogame sector, where it is possible to experience ‘Star Wars’ space battles and relaxing flights with a hang glider, stock car races and battles in the cities of the future.’


22 Agosto 1992 - 29 Agosto 1992


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