Ecological transition and energy vectors: hydrogen

Daniel Alfreider, Councillor for Infrastructure, Roads and Mobility of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano; Alberto Dossi, President of H2it; Luigi Ksawery Luca’, Managing Director of Toyota Italia; Marco Piuri, Managing Director of FNM and CEO Trenord; Michele Viale, Managing Director of ALSTOM. Introduced by Andrea Dellabianca, President of Cdo Milano.

In the last two years, hydrogen as a “green”, sustainable and innovative energy vector has progressively gained importance in the energy debate and is now orienting political choices, strategies and allocation of resources on a global scale. A new scenario has opened up and a sustainable path is needed to define the use of hydrogen in both economic and environmental terms, through gradual steps leading to its consolidation.



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22 Agosto 2021






Sala Generali B4