East: the end of an illusion


‘There are undoubtedly events which represent an evolu-tion in history. The fall of the Berlin wall and the political changes in the countries of Eastern Europe during the latter part of last year fall within this category. And a photographer who can shoot these events and fix them on film as they happen, can also transfer the emo-tions he experienced to those who look at his photos. Yet, history goes on. And so those same events show aspects and nuances which were not so evident at first glance. We all got excited about the fall of the unnatural Berlin wall, over Prague’s ‘velvet revolution’, over the end of the Ceausescu dictatorship. That excitement shows through the photos making up this exhibition. But then we began to realise that numerous problems still existed, that some revolutions were more like «per-sonal vendettas between hostile factions», that new «free» regimes can continue to deny basic justice to the Church, that whole populations must wait with trepidation while the powers at be decide their fate. But above all, we came to realise that the fall of a wall is not enough to give back meaning to the lives of human beings; that what is needed, in the East as in the West, is the constant proposal of the one Event that can produce hope: the encounter with Christianity. We cannot continue to kid ourselves any longer. A great anonymous power is trying to decide the destiny of mankind. And yet this power will never stop the heart of those who have found in their relationship with God made Man, the source of their own freedom.’


25 Agosto 1990 - 09 Gennaio 1990


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