Conceptual art: the New York school 1965-1970


‘Conceptual Art in New York between 1965 and 1970 works by Kosuth, Weiner, LeWitt, Barry, Huebler, Wilson. The idea exists before the work when it is clear in the artist’s mind at that moment and complete it is necessary to realise it in order to communicate it art is a system of allusive signs of an experience having the capacity to make them present through memory the articulation of the signs creates a discourse that allows to express a content even words are signs which allude to a past experience which repeats itself in ways not identical but similar a word represents different things but with common elements different from particular ones a fundamental operation of the intelligence is the search for the universal to define those rules which by combining together create a system which is KNOWLEDGE Life is a tension towards a destination we invent instruments in order to reach it we organise work to speed up this operation order is the instrument to obtain the purpose the rule the necessary means in vegetable animal social life their sum creates a system indispensable in any form of existence. The universe exists because of physical laws discovered by science order prevails over disorder necessity over chance a star distant billions of light years is made up of atoms identical to those of our bodies laws simple and complex at the same time. To define art and knowledge is an unsolved problem of philosophy becomes necessarily a tautology a repetition of known things a repetition of things that are evident its true nature is indefinable it can only be experienced. From inarticulate animal sounds to words of poetry the history of evolution from the sensation to the knowledge of what is inexpressible the substance of the art of thought of language is indefinable by the instruments of logics its nature is metaphysical. IN PRINCIPIO ERAT VERBUM ET VERBUM ERAT APUD DEUM ET DEUS ERAT VERBUM’


21 Agosto 1983 - 28 Agosto 1983


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