Artificial intelligence in medicine

In collaboration with DOC Generici
Giancarlo Bizzarri, CEO of Umbria Salute e Servizi; Stefano Forti, Director of Digital Health and Wellbeing, FBK and board member of TrentinoSalute4.0; Jonathan Montomoli, Anesthesiologist-Reanimator, Ospedale Infermi di Rimini. Introduced by Pasquale Chiarelli, General Manager of Terni Hospital.

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly present both in clinical practice and in the processing of data useful to determine the programming and planning of health policies: in this new dynamic, what is the relationship between professionals and AI?
Daniele Magazzeni (Meeting 2019) said that “there is a unique human feature that AI does not have, which is intuition. (…) Intuition is more than the recognition (…) of a link between what you have in your hands and something that comes to your mind’. And Costantino Esposito, at the end of the same session, stated: “there is no such thing as a purely natural intelligence, because our intelligence is a relationship, it enters into things, modifies them (…), it is a relationship. And therefore in some way it is artificial’.
This session is intended as an opportunity to discuss the dynamic and impact of this new human-AI relationship in the world of healthcare.


22 Agosto 2021






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