After September 11: Images from Ground Zero. Photographs by Joel Meyerowitz


The photographic exhibition “After September 11: images from Ground Zero” has been organized by the Museum of the City of New York. The author, Joel Meyerowitz, had been the first to photograph the site of the tragedy. Thanks to his photographs, we all find ourselves witnesses to the event which has dramatically marked the beginning of the third Millenium.
For years, from the height of his workshop, Meyerowitz’ watching has made visible the greatness of the sky overlooking Manhattan at the high edge of the Twin Towers.
Hence, after September the 11th, Meyerowitz has been called to bring to light, in the desolation of Ground Zero, the force of life that animates New York and its inhabitants.
“It has been a privilege to work at Ground Zero” he writes. “Whoever has been there, is transformed by the spirituality of man. The purpose of my images is to create a photographic memory of the event: the dreary view of destruction, the moving respect for death, the lives of all those who worked are deeply inscribed in our conscience in America and in the world”.


18 Agosto 2002 - 24 Agosto 2002


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