A SIMPLE STORY. Don Ivo Silingardi and the social cooperatives of Nazareno

Curated by the Social Cooperative of Nazareno.


Don Ivo Silingardi is at the origin of the Nazareno Institute, which was founded in the ‘50s for the youth of Carpi (MO), who had to rebuild the social and civic fabric that was shattered by the war. Incarcerated for helping the partisans, he escaped miraculously from execution and was liberated in April, 1945.

His work was that of helping the youth grow up, from orphans welcomed after the war until the generations of today. He had a special attention for those most fragile, teaching them a work through the Professional Formation. The Hotel School and the Cooperative Sociali Nazareno represent the continuation of this original intuition made of hospitality and work like in the family from Nazareth.


20 Agosto 2017 - 26 Agosto 2017




Piazza Intesa Sanpaolo B1
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