A little order among the chaos


‘An influential part of the science world considers the study of chaos the third great scientific revolution of this century after the advent of relativity and quan-tum mechanics. The in-depth investigation of this new and important subject has been carried out by a small group of scientists who have centred their re-search work on the irregular aspects of nature such as, for example, atmo-spheric turbulence, the movement of waves in a stormy sea, the irregularities of smoke rising from a cigarette and, more generally speaking, phenomena characterized by disorderly behaviour which baffles traditional science. These scientists abandoned that trend, now so common in scientific circles, which goes under the name of ‘reductionism’, or the analysis of systems in terms of their component parts. They preferred rather, to study more complex pheno-mena and investigate the aspects which distinguish a system in its globality, without rejecting at priori the influence of apparently insignificant conditions. The Meeting exhibition is divided into four parts or sectors and illustrated by means of panels with written texts, drawings and photos. The first sector de-scribes the phases of scientific development from the Aristotelian conception to that of our modern age and from this to quantum mechanics and determini-stic chaos. The second sector presents the prey-predator problem in natural language and its formalization by means of the use of the logistic parabola. It is proved how a simple second degree equation can give rise to chaotic beha-viour. The third sector is dedicated to the representation of a physical system in the phase space and demonstrates how a strange attractor is generated. Finally, sector four explains what ‘fractals’ are with the help of numerous photos of ‘fractals’ obtained on the CNR computer in Milan. During the exhi-bition period, simple experiments will be carried out, many by the visitors themselves, to prove the validity of the theories described. As part of the exhi-bition ‘LASIT’ will be organizing a ‘technological show’ with fractals and pre-senting a new laser system complete with new software.’


24 Agosto 1991 - 31 Agosto 1991


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